another top ten

Okay as much as I am truly beginning to love it here - and maybe I'm even beginning to get over the hump of culture shock - there are still some things that I never even realized how much I loved until they were gone. So besides the obvious of family, friends, and beef, here are...

Top 10 Things I Won't Take For Granted Again in the States

10. The Eisenhower Interstate System
9. Central heating and Housing insulation
8. Clothes Dryers
7. Clean water from a tap
6. Privacy, Personal Space, and People who call ahead
5. Not having to poison the fruits and veggies
4. Being able to hold husband's hand in public
3. A variety of fruits and veggies in and out of season, all year round
2. Understanding the national sport
1. Toilet paper that doesn't involve tape nor tearing up half of the roll before being able to open it

(I bet you never realized you should be thankful for the #1!)


NOSILA611 said...

HA! Again, I agree! I'll work on my top ten for you!
LOVE YOU...beef...you crack me up!

SouthAsiaRocks said...

OK, so I totally agree with you on teh Toilet Paper thing... that tape on it drives me crazy!! ha ha

SouthAsiaRocks said...

PS - OH, and number 6 (privacy, personal space and people who call ahead) hahaha! I have so many stories I wouldn't know where to begin :) Awesome!! :)

Mandi said...

your list cracked me up, and i can totally relate with all of them. well, maybe not the one about holding hands...haha...anyway, it's a good idea...i may have to do a list myself :)