who's the boss?

So much has gone on lately that I really don't know how to begin. I've been putting off blogging because I knew it was going to be incredibly long. So, let me try to hit the high lights and avoid the usual useless chatter: A day and a half after returning from the ladies retreat, husband and I accompanied Anna and Hannah to the town they'll be moving to in April. It was a 10 hour road trip. I think after living in South Asia, we'll be driving all over the States when we get back, because nothing will sound too far. Anyway, their to-be town is gorgeous. Everywhere we looked, we were surrounded by snowy mountains. We were even able to play in snow, and keeping with our love affair of strange animals, we sat on a yak for $.50. The locals really know how to make do with what they have.

Upon returning, our favorite little creatures greeted us by pulling my clothes off the line, dragging them in water and dirt, and leaving them strewn across the terrace, along with little presents for us to enjoy cleaning up later. Why, of course I mean the monkeys. I was at the market when this happened, and husband called me and said, "Pick up some bb's. It's time to teach them who's boss." They must have had some sort of plan that day to terrorize the homo sapiens, because on my way back from the market, a man came running up with a monkey screeching and chasing him. There were about 5 or so women walking around me, and I've never seen a group of strangers simultaneously do an about-face and start speed walking the other way. But we managed to do so, and in sync so amazing, it was nothing short of dance-like. In ballet, there's something called Step of the Cat. Well this coordinated group move I think I'm renaming as Step of the Monkey. Finally one brave woman picked up a couple of rocks and began throwing them at the monkeys, from which the evil ones turned and ran. Then as calm as ever, we all turned around and began walking in the right direction again. The Step of the Monkey, for that day at least, was over.

But believe me, the war has just begun.


ash said...

you are so crazy! i think its awesome that you get to see so many animals like that...without going to the zoo! :)

Domino said...

Man alive you're having a lot of fun. Did your husband get the monkeys with the bb's? Miss you.

News Sender said...

Maybe the synchronized "Monkey Step" can become a new sport in the Olympics! Then the country you are living in now could have some participants in the Olympics! Love you.

kim said...

freaken monkeys. tell your hubby I think he should kill some, to teach them all whose boss. i hope you guys are doing well :)