Super Bowl Sunday

Sadly, many of you have probably noticed how husband has fallen off the wagon. For awhile there, he showed promising signs of recovery. But then his rehabilitation would slow then stop. Every time it happened, I would beg of him, "Please, husband, you're doing so good!" and he would try; being the great guy he is, he would really try hard. But ever since December 9th, he just hasn't been able to pull himself together. Until now. Fortunately, he has found something that really helps him to keep going, and I think he may have pulled himself together, this time for good.

Of course, I am talking about blogging. He's back, baby! (this is all just a way of notifying those who read his as well :)

And for more celebrating, today is Super Bowl Sunday! Thanks, Mom, who sent us the DVD of the big game. Anna, Hannah, husband and I will be watching the kickoff at 4pm. Or I should say Hannah and husband will probably be watching the game. Anna and I will be waiting on the edge of our seats for the commercials. We're not as football-minded as the other two are. I mean, today I'm wearing my hometown's baseball tee shirt because it's the only sports-related item of clothing I own. (opening day is less than a month away!) But as always, I'll be enjoying the great eats of Super Bowl Sunday...husband and I are in charge of the snack type food, and I think Anna and Hannah are sacrificing some of their chocolate chips and all that to bring the goodies-type food. Poor husband came down with a cold yesterday, so Super Bowl Sunday could have treated him a little better.

Yea for an American Sport!

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ashley sneds said...

yall are so awesome! i hope you enjoyed your super bowl sunday...thats so cool that they sent you the game. josh and i are really into the ncaa tournament right now. we have our brackets and we're competing!!! fun times! im excited about reading james' blog and i cant wait to hear more stories. love you guys!