a quick trip out of the country

So today, husband, me, Anna, and our friend S, hopped in a cab and took a 20 minute drive to London. What? That's impossible? Then....where were we? I mean, we were at a former palace built in the 1800's. There were green lawns, gardens (that will be blooming soon), street lamps, winding paths, ivy vines, and all that. We were slightly disappointed that the tour of the palace was only 4 rooms, and we weren't allowed to take pictures. We laughed at that because the rooms were nothing spectacular: an entrance room, a conference room, some room with a famous table, and then a room that had poster boards of famous moments in history. The palace has been turned into a institute where Ph.D holders can come for more studies, so unfortunately most of the building has been privatized. Even the ballroom and dining hall have been turned into a library, a decision I'm torn about, although I think I'm leaning towards Team Ballroom. This place is incredible, not only because it really is a beautiful structure, but because this is in South Asia. Seriously, South Asia.


SouthAsiaRocks said...

What a cool castle thing!!! That's awesome!!! Fun! haha YOu ROCK!

Domino said...

Beautiful! Wish I were there!

Sneds said...

wow....ive never seen anything like that...you guys are lucky to be in such a beautiful place!