not the most exciting thing, but definitely unexpected

My friend Mandi loves the random things that happen daily here in South Asia. I agree! Today, a wedding procession marched down our street, and stopped at our house. This isn't the first time this has happened, but it's the first time we had our cameras.

We realized the funny thing about these wedding processions is that they sound exactly like Friday nights during the fall...football games! I mean, the band plays South Asian music, yet it somehow sounds the same as my high school playing Anchors Away. There's not even a twist to it, it literally sounds exactly the same. Then I remembered that once, I heard a high school band play Beyonce's Crazy in Love, and although it was really good, it still sounded like a marching band. I guess there's no real variety of sound when it comes to marching bands, even the world over.
This picture is them at our front step.


Kahuna said...

But if the band breaks out into the Nimitz High School Starboard Angels "The Traditional" "If My Friends Could See Me Now", South Asia better watch out, cause "Admiral Emily will be taking over"

SouthAsiaRocks said...

The best is when you get to hear the band play alllll night :) hahaha - great blog :)