bringin' home the bacon

I still can't believe it. When I went to the one guy in town that sells frozen meat, I ordered my kilo of boneless chicken, and then after paying, asked almost as an after though, "Do you have any bacon?" And guess what...he did! Actually, "A lot of bacon," were his exact words. Buddy, you don't know it yet, but you have just found your number 1 customer. I bought what looks like 2 big, wide slabs of bacon. And while we were out of the country, I bought a ham in hopes that not only would it still be good once we got home, but that we were allowed to bring animal meat from one country to another. (the answer to both of those questions is a resounding yes) There all that beautiful pork sits in my fridge, like slabs of cholesterol-injected symbols of endless possibilities. What should I make? I'm almost tempted to not make anything just so I can continue to become overjoyed when I open the fridge and see the pork right there, beckoning me. Almost.


dadto3 said...

You are cracking me up! Every time you think about not cooking it, just imagine in your head that wonderful smell of bacon frying in the skillet. Better yet, smelling it while you're just waking up in the morning, (hint to the husband). Mix it with the smell of freshly brewed coffee and man, I'm gonna have to stop and go get soemthing to eat! See ya!

NOSILA611 said...

You are so funny! When we all get home, you and I have got to write something together so we can be famous comedians! You are hysterical!!!!! I love you so much! 3 months!

"Are you achin', yub, yub, yub, For some bacon, yub, yub, yub."
-The Lion King (Timon & Pumba)
HA! love you

donandkat said...

WOW, it's 4:30 p.m. here and I'm craving for a "BLT" sandwich. It's like striking gold isn't it???...Well sort of. I bet "Hubby" is happy as well. Ya'll two are something else. The "Boss" is awesome. We Love You

Mandi said...

mmm...bacon...we managed to find some around Christmas and it was quite a treat, so i hope you truly enjoy it! good luck on the scooter too--hopefully you guys will be better at it than we were! :)