a day of unknowns

Husband was just asked about 15 minutes ago to go with Epaenatus to a village that we've never heard of before. He looked at me, I said of course!, and he became a blurred figure from that point on. He came running in with his backpack about 2 minutes later, stuffed with what he thought he'd need, grabbed some snacks and clean water, and was out the door. You know it would have taken me at least 20 minutes to pack a backpack if I didn't know where I was staying. (oh yeah, I forgot to mention, he doesn't even know if he'll have a bed. That would've been my first question: "Will I have a mattress, sheets, pillow, and comforter? Because otherwise, I'll need extra time to pack my sleeping bag and a pillow.") I mean, this whole situation if full of What Ifs...what if the place is cold and he'll need longjohns? What if it's really warm and he'll need short sleeves? What if there's no food available? What if he has to sleep with 3 men in a twin sized bed? The questions are endless!

But also, there's the What if he has a chance to meet more of our people group, the MahPah's? What if he has the opportunity to share about the boss? What if someone is ready to accept? What if he meets a person of peace and we are able to go back to that village? Even as detail-oriented as I tend to be sometimes, these are the questions that are plaguing my mind right now.

Of course, I'm not the one on my way to 24 hours of who knows what. In a way, he's kind of like Jack Bauer...


NOSILA611 said...

HA! Jack Bauer ROCKS!!! (hey...so does yo' hubby!)

Mandi said...

that's awesome, and could be quite hillarious. R, the husband of our mutal friend here, D, is on a village trip right now and we heard that he slept in a field and woke up to a cow chewing cud next to his head! i mean, is life here random or what? love ya :)