Our trip to get our scooter was interesting. For one thing, the scooter is not in the best shape, and only starts when husband gives the kickstart a big whack. We actually had to walk it over to the nearest mechanic to get fixed. The workers started taking apart our scooter on the sidewalk in front of the shop, along with several other scooters and motorcycles already being worked on. In a small area, there were probably 10-15 guys working on all these parts. They sat husband and I on a bench to watch them work. All of a sudden, a huge truck rolled up and honked loudly. In a flash, the work area was empty. We're talking tumbleweeds could have rolled by. It literally took about 5-10 seconds for these workers to grab all the pieces and run them into the shop. Thoughts of everything from attacks to arrests to drive-bys popped in our heads, and so we followed suit and hopped out of the way. Turns out, the shop is not allowed to work on the sidewalk, and the police will come around and confiscate anything they are working on outside. After the police man left, the workers came back out, along with the scooters, and started back up again. These are the before and after shots.

We also walked through the big Wednesday (aw, Big Wednesday reminds me of my dad!) vegetable an
d fruit market, which was so impressive. And we saw a few parks as well. But the main thing is that not only did we end up with a scooter, we also were passed down a gas heater, and got a mixer (finally!) and a skillet.

Anna and I at the rose garden.


NOSILA611 said...

i love you. veggie markets rock! wait til you see ours!

Ashley Sneds said...

hey girl! it has been forever since i have read your updates...sounds like you guys have been busy and have had a lot of fun. i'm glad you got to take your trip and get some relaxing and educational time in. the beach looked awesome. congrats on the bacon and all the goodies from the other family...especially the scooter! how fun! well, take care and ill be sending money your way every day this week. please remember that if you are ever feeling lonely or scared. the boss is using you in amazing ways. love you guys!