Day 1: Arrival to the New Country

Why do I call it that, like I’m a pilgrim? We arrived at the guest house at 6am, grabbed a few hours of sleep, and were on our merry way to the Camp by 10am. On the way we made a pit-stop. Two words for you: Cheese. Burger. Two very juicy, luscious words indeed.

We were warned to keep our expectations low regarding the beach and the facilities we were staying at. Seeing the beach I grew up around, my expectations didn’t have much further to drop, and I wasn’t let down. This place is NICE. Granted, it’s not Hawaii or Destin or Cozumel, but it’s a beach. It’s equipped with blue water, a salty ocean breeze, and palm trees a-swayin’. I can’t believe we get to spend the next 7 days here!

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