disappointments and opportunities

Today was interesting, as most days in a different culture tend to be. You never know what to expect. In a way, I was disappointed, because I was headed over to Naina's today to teach her English. That is something I learned at our retreat - how to teach ESL classes that convict, using bread, among other things. I had prepared a lesson and everything, sent money about it, and husband and I were off to their home. When we arrived, Naina was making lunch, and her inlaws were in town. So instead of teaching Naina English (I saw her for a total of about 10 minutes), we ended up spending the entire afternoon speaking with Deepak's mom, sister, father, and Epaenatus. Deepak's mom is the reason Deepak feels he can't outwardly follow our boss, and now I see why. The woman is a grump, is strong-willed, and very devout. The darkness just oozes from her when she talks. We did get to have some great conversations about our boss, though, which hopefully planted even the smallest seed. Who knows, maybe she will see that we are normal and nice, and be more open to the idea of Deepak and Naina following our boss.

Something so exciting is that Epaenatus told us that he has shared with so many people the change in his life! He says his fiancee has accepted the truth as well! We are going to his village possibly next week for his (and hopefully her) immersion. Talking with him shows how much he has grown, which is incredible, especially considering he doesn't even have bread. It goes to show how the HS can guide us. Not to diminish the importance of bread, but Epaenatus has the boss with him constantly now, which is truly evident in his life.

We will be going to Ctown tomorrow for two days, to pick up, among other things, a scooter! Husband is beside himself. A couple is leaving, and we're getting their hand-me-down scooter. And we're having a coworker family come to visit us this weekend to discuss and plan how to get volunteer trips to come this summer (ahem!) so it should be another busy week for us.

P.S. Dadto3: husband is asking you to email him, because he doesn't think he has the right email address.

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Evel Knieval and his woman on their HOG. South Asia watch out!! WooHoo