practicing patience

I'm dying to post about our last couple of weeks, but we're still stuck here in the capital trying to find a way back home. We've been here since Sunday night; it's now Wednesday afternoon. Husband has spent 8 hours, stretched over 2 days, at the train station trying to get us tickets. Everything from them not letting us buy without our passports (which has never been a requirement before, and a friend of ours was there on the same day and they didn't ask for hers!) to the train being sold out to them not being able to guarantee a train will be running in a certain leg of the trip due to weather, has kept us from being able to leave. Finally, our tickets were delivered today, so we can head back tomorrow. We should be home tomorrow evening (but in this country, you never know), and I can post about our adventures then.

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Sneds said...

good luck getting home! hope you had fun and got to relax a little. Happy New Year, and i can't wait to hear all about your last couple of weeks. Oh, our new college ministry went to Passion '06 last week in Nashville, and it was absolutely amazing! we took 12 ppl and everyone bonded and had an awesome time. please keep our college group in your thoughts as we continue to grow and see what he has planned for us. thanks!