Day 2: New Year's Day

New Year’s Eve was cool. From our building’s balcony, we watched the activities on the beach, as the people lit many paper lanterns on fire, sending them into the air. There were fireworks, as well, of course, making it an even more beautiful view.

After preparing for the new arrivals the next day, we spent New Year’s exploring a bit. We found a great coffee place, a not-what-I-was-expecting seafood restaurant (although it was right on the beach, making for more beautiful views) and a mall! There was a Burger King in there, and when I bit into that long-awaited Whopper, I think I heard a choir of angels.

We were also able to see Chronicles of Narnia. The movie was great, but the most memorable moment happened before the movie started. The country we were in is actually a kingdom. Before the movie started, during the previews, everyone in the theatre had to stand up to a salute of the king!
The city we are staying in is famous for its immorality, which is why all of our free time this week will be during the day. Unfortunately, we were out late last night, and were able to view the magnitude of the sins. On the way home, I reached a point where I just had to close my eyes because I was crying and my heart was broken. Sure, it’s one thing to hear about what goes on, but to see it with your own eyes is completely heartbreaking. To think all of the suffering, ridiculing, torturing, and dying our boss did for these people, and they have turned their backs on him. If only they would turn to him, he is waiting on pins and needles to forgive them and offer them eternity. It’s a love I don’t understand, a love only he could offer. So needless to say, I am not going out after dark again, and after only 2 days, he has shown me to be grateful for the modest city that he has placed us in for the next 2.5 years.

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