another week

Well I was pretty bad about blogging this past weekend. From going out with our friends on Friday night (we had Coldstone ice cream for the first time...yum-my!), having our friends who live in the state come visit us on Saturday, and having to watch a language movie that was due before tomorrow (that ended up being an hour and a half long!)...we were busy.

Looks like I am caught up for the weekend, though. So today's Monday. It was pretty good. We had anthropology classes today, which were pretty interesting. Then after dinner, we met with a couple who will be there for mental help in our country. They talked with us about the job we were offered, and we came to the conclusion that the reason we aren't sold on the job is because that's not the city our boss is really wanting for us. For many reasons that I don't even have the energy to go into, they pointed us to how we had been hired into this job in the first place, and that when our boss really wants a certain job for us, he'll make it clear to both of us, and we won't be left in confusion. After that realization, a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders. Ahhh, peace.

So now we're back to square one, but now we know who we can email for more job openings. That's what I'm doing next. We have kinda an interest in one, in a city that sounds a bit more practical, considering my health needs, so I can't wait to ask this coworker about it and others.

Also, one of our closest coworkers is looking for a short term (2-3 year) teacher to move with them to the same country we're going to to teach their kids. Their 5 adorable children that we fell in love with instantly. I will spare no money in helping them find a teacher.

I need to email and check the weather and all that. Today was so cold, the high was 76. That's not summer. My hometown would put this town to shame for what they call a summer. I sure hope it's not this cold tomorrow!

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