quiet time

Today, we were given 3+ hours of quiet time. It was incredible. When was the last time I sat down for reflective time for several hours? Never! It was an experience I hope to repeat again and again. I had plenty to time to read, meditate, sing, and listen, all to my heart's desire. I had plenty to admit, and once that happened, it was all freedom. The reading spoke volumes, and then my boss came by and sat with me for the remainder of the time. He showed me many things, mainly about south asia and the time we'll be there. Especially in the 19th book that he wrote, towards the end on page 127, the last three lines meant so much to me, especially knowing about all the gardening and planting we will be involved in, and the hope and joy of the harvest. There was much more he told me, but I'll get into that later. One thing I do need to touch on is that I have had 3 specific things brought to my attention that I need to get rid of, and so I've been thinking about that today. I had to admit to my boss today these things, and he's so kind, he's already wiped the slate clean. I'm going to really work harder to please him and be the employee I know he expects of me.

That's the lesson I learned and how I'm applying it to my life.

Last night, we were invited to our company's mapping ceremony, so we could tell some people where we are going, and put our picture on a map. Many other people there were about to move overseas, too, and they put their picture on the map as well. It was overwhelming by the end to see all the people who were leaving the country. All the regions were represented, even countries where you'd think no one would want to go; you know, wars and former war areas. Asia was by far the main choice of travel. Business is really booming there.

I need to go; we have to come up with some goals by tomorrow, when my husband and I have a meeting with one of our supervisors. Since he's about to move with us to the same country, they decided he and his wife would be good for us to talk with. I'm excited about the goals I'm feeling drawn towards; memorization, more meaningful quiet moments; obviously, they are more measurable than this. I just didn't want to write them all out. Gotta go get started.

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