We started last week every day reading through the 5th New book our boss wrote. Every day we read a bit of it to study it. Today during it, I was reading in the 8th chapter, starting on the 26th page, there's a certain story that's amazing to learn from. When you begin on page 26, keep reading, and on page 30 there's a phrase that really catches my spirit - "...ran up to..." Not walked, not sauntered, ran. How eager he was to do his work! That's how I want to be. An assignment came up, and he didn't wait one more second...he ran! What an example.

Today we attended a conference on staying in love while overseas. It was done by a really funny couple who used to live in east asia, and their stories. We have some great ideas on keeping the romance, guarding ourselves from attacks, making moral decisions, etc. They had some disturbing stories of families who had fallen away from each other, and we make a commitment to working so hard so that doesn't happen to us. We have to remind ourselves to keep our guard up, and not think "that could never happen to me." Because that's when it does. Anything that's happened to anyone else can very well happen to us, so we have to be very careful to clothe ourselves in armor.

Tonight I think we're going to help our friends babysit. This is a different family, but we played frisbee with their girls a few times, so we know them a little. We'll have fun. Gotta go!

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