nine weeks away!

South Asia is only nine weeks away! We arrived yesterday, and from the beginning we've been working hard. We had classes and medical interviews and everything, and it's only our first full day. I can definitely tell we're going to grow a lot this summer.

I love our apartment. It's really small, and pretty bare, but it's kinda fun. Who cares, really, when there's no cooking and very little cleaning to do?

Next door to us is a family with 5 kids. Yes, 5. They actually have one of our bedrooms in our apartment because they needed more space. But it's cool - their kids are adorable, especially the two little girls, and so sweet. I want a little girl like theirs. Not anytime soon, or as the younger one said, "There's no baby in my tummy, only food."

I love it because we are forced to work out at least 4 times a week. We actually have to turn in an exercise log. It's like fat camp, but better! Plus, since I know everyone's real big on eating healthy, I feel like I have to eat real well during the meals since everyone can see me. So I'm doing good...that is, until I hang out with my friend and eat Frito's and bean dip after working out. Hey, at least we only cancelled out the calories we burned, instead of adding on extra, right? We're still at a zero balance here.

James just said I'm a typer. Like I didn't know that. But this is pretty long. I feel like such a dork for having a blog. I'm a 12 year old. Maybe my name should have been "carebears05" or something. So I'll take off.

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