We found out today we have to journal daily. I decided to make this my journal, since I'm a faster typer than writer. Plus, I have all these journals that I've started, and then found a prettier one halfway through, so this is just a little more James and EPA-friendly. You know, less money, less paper. Everyone's happy.

Anyway our daily logs have to answer two questions: what has my boss taught me during these sessions, and what will I do with this information? I've already learned something today, so I'm off on the right track. Or maybe the wrong track, since I'm having to be taught lessons before I even make it to lunch.

I have been stressing (imagine that) because we have been inadequately informed through this traveling process. So yesterday, I complained a lot (again, shocker) about management, and worried that we weren't going to finish everything or turn in everything or fill in the blank. This morning, my boss sat me down and said, I've been taking care of you this long, I'll take care of this too. There's nothing to worry about. So...Lesson #1.) No worrying Lesson #2.) No complaining and Lesson #3.) He's responsible, it'll get taken care of. I'm going to apply this. Really, I am.

We met a couple today who just returned from the country we're going to. They're meeting us for dinner so they can tell us all about it. I'm so excited! See, already, the Lessons are paying off.

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