heavy head

I've got what I'm calling a heavy head right now. My heart's not heavy, because nothing's weighing on my heart; it's my head because I'm thinking so much. Yesterday, I got our mail, and in our box was a card from my friend Ashley (yea! I loved it and the pictures), a letter from the country we're going to! (our friends out there are so nice), and...a job request. There's a department, run by two people, who are in desparate need of more employees. So, they emailed our supervisor, who then printed out the email and mailed it to us, in which the people said they read our resumes and are requesting us to work in their department. So we've been mulling it over for the past 24 hours now, and still not near an answer. I've asked if that's pretty common, or if depts usually don't ask specifically for workers, and I was told it's the latter. So, you can imagine that my head's spinning. Right now, we need money to help us decide.

Also, this morning, we attended a conference where the president of the organization spoke to us. He'll be back the next two days. His topic was incredible; much like this present darkness. Fascinating stuff. Although, last night we had so much fun bonding with our neighbors that we didn't go to bed til later and so of course I had get in quite a bit of caffeine (again) to keep from dozing. Tonight's bedtime is sticking!

Today I learned that I need to guard myself from succombing to my weaknesses. My enemies know my weaknesses, and I don't want them to get the best of me, especially when I'm in a new environment. We need to send plenty of money there now to prepare the place for when we arrive. Otherwise, there will be even more work to be done once we get there. And that will take away from our real desire, to tour the country. We have committed to putting aside money together every morning before even leaving our apartment so that our day is prepared. Also, there are 6 lessons I'm committing to memory, 2 on being a woman or wife, 4 on meeting new family, and 1 on lifting up my boss. He's been so good to us that it wouldn't be right to leave him out of the memorization.

It's almost time for dinner, and then I need to get some exercise. Last night, my husband played Ultimate Frisbee, while I sat around and did mani-pedis on the 4 girls in my apartment building. They were so precious; they call us Aunt and Uncle. Anyway, one is 3, two are 5, and one is 7. The good thing about the job offer is that we would be relatively close to our neighbors. They will be living just north of us.

Gotta go.

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