good riddance

Today was so busy! The president was back again for a morning conference, and he went over, so we had to rush lunch with our regional office. We had 2 hours with our regional office after lunch, though, which I had been looking forward to all day. It's good to actually get some direction. We found out our region is actually pretty safe. We were pretty relieved, although I was never really nervous. Maybe it was a sympathetic relief for my mother; I know she'll be happy to hear that.

Something huge I learned today was that I need to get rid of my sense of entitlement. This whole time I have been thinking about what I should have overseas, what city I should live in, what type of people I should work with, etc. Today, my boss told me that I need to lose that. He was so close to me when he told me that, that he stepped all over my toes. Anyway, I've been saying so far that I want to work with educated people so that it will be easiest for me to meet and bond with people. I've pretty much told myself to expect that. And today, I learned that maybe my work will strictly be serving my husband as he works with the people, and I need to be okay with that. I have to get rid of my sense of entitlement to be effective and mold-able. I just made up a word. Anyway, so if I don't like the city I end up in, so what. How can I justify not doing my job to the fullest just because I don't have hot water? Think of the ramifications of that.

I need to go work out. Last night, one of my friends and I did pilates, and then my husband and I walked for 30 minutes. We had to make goals, and one of ours was to spend at least 30 minutes together before 9:30 daily, and to spend money together before leaving our apartment every morning. I think our friends who live pretty close will be coming in this weekend (yea!), so I won't have much time for working out. So I need to get it in now. Tomorrow night, there's a pilates class I'll be going to. Fun stuff.

Gotta run! (well...walk)

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