We have to get fifteen shots in the next five weeks. Five of them are today. I read up on all the side effects, from headaches to fever to rash to seizures (!)...I wish I hadn't read them. Now I'm going to think I have them all. I kept telling my husband last night, "If there's a 1 and 6 chance we'll get a side effect from each shot, and we're getting 5 shots, we will most likely get a side effect!" I took statistics in college, and made a C, so I'm not claiming to be very good, so I probably just made the head roll of anyone who knows anything about stats. I don't really think that's true (something like each is a separate case independent of each other, blah blah blah) but in my head it makes sense. So today, in my head, I have five 1 and 6 chances of having a fever or headache or rash or all of the above.

I don't even care about the shots - I just don't wanna be kept from going to ride roller coasters tomorrow! Yeah, this is where it all stems from, by the way. I wouldn't care if I got sick if tomorrow was a normal day. But we're going with our other couple friend to a nearby amusement park tomorrow, and if I get a fever (and out of the 4 of us, it would be me), then I've spoiled everyone's day. Hypochondriac? No, not really, although my husband would probably disagree. It's more of a super panicker. And yes, all you super smart stats and science people, that's my technical word for it.

I am looking forward tonight to babysitting a one month old baby for 2 hours. I miss my niece and nephew so much, so this will kinda be like getting to hold them. I don't know if the baby is a boy or a girl, but I don't care. I can hold O. or B. vicariously through this one.

Well it's time for lunch. Gotta go - the stomach calls.

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