happy new year!

We're headed to another country for several days. I can't tell you just how much we are looking forward to this time of fellowship and retreat. And of course, warm weather, the beach, malls, and beef! We just have to survive our trip to the capital first...via a night bus. Husband somehow talked me into it. It's a 10 hour bus ride, but the good thing (I hope) is that we'll sleep through most of it, since it leaves here tonight at 10pm. The options of getting in and out of the mountains can be limited.

All this to say, hope you all have a very Happy New Year and ring in 2006 with friends, family, and the thought of glorifying the creator in the coming year. Happy New Year!

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dwc said...

hello friends-
thanks for the info and telling about your party. i have been thinking of you and pr. i know your trip has been wonderful- we are thankful to the boss for the opportunity and fellowship. still miss you and cant wait to see you again. happy new year!