a bad voice is funny in all cultures

On Monday I went to the girls school to see if I could sign up for a class. Turns out, the school is closing in one week for winter and won't open again until March. So it looks like I will have to wait until March to learn how to stuff toys. There is a family on the corner, though, that husband has befriended, and is going to take me over there soon so I can meet the wife. I'm excited there's a chance to get to know a woman in this area!

Last night, husband, me, Anna and Hannah went to Anna's language helper's house for her parents' anniversary. It was so fun - they served us chai and snacks, and we chatted as much as we could, since they hardly speak any English. They are cousins of ours, so it was beautiful fellowship. Husband picked up their guitar and they asked us to sing a song, so we sang amazing grace. They sing upbeat songs almost exclusively, so the father had a somewhat hard time trying to beat his tambourine along with the song. Then, we asked them to sing a song, which they did. We then sang one more, a fast one that they enjoyed much more (i'll fly away) and then they sang a few more. I was overcome as I listened to a song I could not understand and realized that one day, we'll all be able to understand each other as we sit around the throne and sing. I wonder if then my "joyful noise" will make people laugh as much as the cousins laughed last night. :)

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