christmas is early!

I'm listening right now to Natalie Cole's Carole of the Bells... I love that song. I forgot to bring my Christmas CDs with me, so I had to download some. Since they are $.99 a song (!) I had to choose carefully. I like her version because it's longer than that boy choir, so I get more for my money. :)

So we have been getting our Christmas packages in! It's so fun. Our friends and family are too too generous, it's overwhelming. Mom sent pretty wrapped gifts that we got yesterday, husband's mom sent us some longjohns (now I have pink and blue!:) and pepperoni!, among many other things, and now our friends from Africa sent us some goodies. Husband got what we think is a contraband item here (I just know that for the next few months I'm going to be hearing him say in his best Crocodile Dundee voice, "That ain't a knife...this is a knife.") And they sent me a batik print material, complete with zebras and everything! I'm sure I'm supposed to get it made into a skirt or anything else besides what I'm using it for, but it matches the spare bedroom perfectly. Now the spare room is nicer than ours.

Also, since Thanksgiving, I've been sending money for a Christmas tree. I've heard that in our town, we can only get them around the 20th of December, but anyone who knows me knows that I like to start decorating for Christmas sometime around August. I also liked to listen to the all-Christmas music radio stations in the States. Yes, I'm one of Those People. Well our friend in Ctown just south of us called me about an hour ago. Apparently in Ctown you can get fake Christmas trees! Anna, Hannah, and I were going to make the 4 hour trip down there to get one as soon as they came out, but our oh-so-nice friend is going to buy them for us and bring them to us! The boss is so faithful, he not only provided the tree, but also the transportation! Front door delivery. I can't wait to put it up. With my carefully selected Christmas tunes blaring in the background, of course. "Santa baby, slip a sable under the tree, for me..."

P.S. Mom, the 3+ hours in the kitchen turned out to be worth it. Husband said the chicken parmesan was better than Olive Garden, an very welcome exaggeration. This pic's for you:

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News Sender said...

It looks yummy! I bet it was better than Olive Garden. I bought you an ornament for my tree today. It is a shiny mirror type ornament and it says, Every heart comes home for Christmas. How true. Love you.