come again?

Today at lunch I ordered a "mushroom and black shoe" pizza. In this language, shoe sounds like olive. The waiter actually walked away from the table laughing, went and told the other waiters, and came back still laughing about 2 minutes later. I don't blame him; I mean, I ordered a shoe for a topping. And not just any shoe, it had to be black. I've had quite a few experiences like that lately. I recently told a person "See you mustard!" instead of "See you the day after tomorrow!". It kind of makes me nervous that I'm done with language this week...I mean, I'm going to go wandering around, asking if I can hear someone's food instead of their music (yes I've done that too) or asking people if they are forks. (okay, so I did that one in Paris, but given today's episode, it could definitely happen in this language as well)

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