the most wonderful time of the year

*I was requested by a friend to change my settings on the comments, so now anyone who wants to can comment. Thanks, Ashley S.! :)
The last few days have been filled with sweets over-indulgence. Isn’t that what Christmas is all about? Just kidding…I know what it’s all about:

On Thursday, I decided to start practicing for the Christmas party. I have to find egg-less recipes, because most of the people here not only don’t eat meat, but they also don’t eat eggs, either. So I found a recipe for some Mocha Caramel cookies, which didn’t call for eggs. I scanned the ingredients (the first thing I do now when looking at recipes) and saw that everything was available here. I mean, I didn’t have the 24 caramel squares it called for, but I figured I could make my own caramel sauce. And of course, I didn’t have the cookie cutters to cut out cute tree, ornament, and star shaped cookies, but I could use a knife, right? And I didn’t have an icing tube, but it couldn’t be too hard to use a spoon to drizzle caramel and chocolate sauce over the cookies, could it? Of course not, I convinced myself, and made my way into the kitchen.

2 hours later I was asking myself, “What were you thinking?!” Cutting out shapes isn’t too hard…when you’re not making 3 dozen cookies and when you actually know how to do a star. And the caramel sauce kept cooling off, so I repeatedly had to put it back in the microwave in a sorry attempt to melt it again. They ended up tasty, but definitely not worth the effort. Eggless or not, these are not going on the Christmas party dessert list. I also made some of my mom’s snicker cookies. Much much easier, even though I had to make my own powder sugar.

Friday, Anna and Hannah had a girls’ Christmas party. They invited me, along with Priya and Suniya. The 3 Americans baked the traditional Christmas cookies and other goodies. Priya made what I think is the most popular South Asian treat, a “GJ”. We have dubbed them “soggy doughnuts” because, well, that’s what they taste like. Except Priya is some sort of culinary wizard because hers were delicious and didn’t make my jaws hurt from the sickening sweetness of them. (they are fried dough balls doused in sugar syrup) Then we cranked up our favorite South Asian movie music, and attempted to follow Priya’s moves. No matter how silly I look, I am never one to turn down a dance party. Then we ate so many sweets our stomachs actually hurt. Priya, completely serious, asked, “During Christmas, do Americans eat anything besides sweets?” Sometimes, yes we do.

Later that night, husband and I had Anna and Hannah over to eat some chili and cornbread (and ultimately, hot chocolate and more Christmas goodies) and watch White Christmas. This is a family tradition of mine – for as long as I can remember, my family has watched this every year, and sang along to the songs. (my favorites: “Sisters”, “The Best Things Happen While You’re Dancing”, and “Gee, I Wish I Was Back in the Army”) and Anna and Hannah gave us permission to sing along. And they’ve heard me sing, so you know how generous an offer this was. It was nice to feel a sense of family here during such a family-oriented season. And to eat cookies with.

It’s a wonder we aren’t in a sugar coma today.


Ashley Sneds said...

Yay! I can comment! I love reading what you guys post...its so exciting to know whats going on over there in your life. I can't believe your family watches White Christmas every year...so does mine! That, and Its a Wonderful Life. :) It sounds like you have had a lot of fun in the kitchen, keep up the good work. I will be thinking about you guys a lot this week, especially on Thursday...I hope everything goes perfect! And it will, according to His plan. Love you girl!

NOSILA611 said...

I CAN'T BELIEVE all the goodies you made!!! And the shapes! You never cease to amaze me! I miss you tons. I wish you were here teaching me how to cook goodies...and talking to me for hours about fun married gal stuff!
I LOVE YOU! (We booked our tickets today...)

Anonymous said...

hello friend-
We are pr for you this week and want to remind you we miss and love you! Glad we're not the only ones eating too much sugar- enjoy! We are celebrating the news of James' friend meeting the boss and look forward to even more news like this.

mom's friend said...

Can't wait to hear how your get-together went today. Remembered right away when I woke up this morning that you had told us all to remember you both today.
P.S. I don't think you can ever have too many sweets at this time of year!