"i feel light"

If you got our last letter, we talked about our friends Deepak and Naina. Deepak's brother, Epaenetus, has been staying with them for awhile (not sure how long he has been here or how long he'll stay). The three of them came over last week with the specific reason to have chai with us and find out more about our boss. Not our request; theirs. Can you tell he's already been working on their hearts? So while husband was answering Deepak's questions, Epaenetus listened on the edge of his seat, literally. He told husband he had never once in his life heard the story of our boss. Last night, Deepak, Epaenetus, and Deepak's father Aman asked husband - twice - to come over to their place to tell them more about our boss. Husband did, and glory to our boss, Epaenetus accepted the truth last night! We have a new cousin! After sending money to ask our boss to be his leader, Epaenetus looked at husband and said, "I feel light." Isn't that what our boss promised us, to take our heavy burdens?

Now we are sending money to his family so he doesn't face problems. Deepak, Naina, and Aman are searching and questioning, and we are hoping that means they will be following in Epaenetus's footsteps soon, and then they can all be immersed as new cousins. Thanks to all our friends and family who responded to the letter we sent out!

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News Sender said...

Praise God. What a wonderful day. It makes me want to shout YooHoo!