o christmas tree

It's here! Our scraggly sparse crooked beautiful tree has arrived! Our friend even brought decorations and lights; he went all out! And, he has 13+ hours of Christmas music on his computer that he gave us as well. He's like Santa! And since he hasn't shaved since we arrived in this country 4 months ago, he's even starting to look like Santa. In a David Crowder sort of way.

And you'll never guess what we had for dinner last night - cheeseburgers! Not mutton burgers, not chicken burgers...100% FDA non-approved beef burgers. Take a long look at this picture...a burger in South Asia doesn't come around often.


Waiting To Go said...

Hey, you know what? That hamburger looks familiar. With the exception of the bread, that is. I had a real hamburger bun with mine. But the hamburger was from the hotel too. Love You Guys!!!


News Sender said...

Hey, those presents look familiar! When I count, they better all be there until Christmas!
Love you.