top 14 things i love...

...about this city and country. (I couldn't narrow it down to 10) I'd love to see a post or comment of your list! (this goes for my overseas and stateside friends)

14. Morning chai, afternoon chai, and evening chai
13. Even if all I say is "thank you" or "hello", the locals freak out and begin complimenting on how well I speak the language.
12. Hearing a cow moo right outside the window. I'm not sure that will ever fail to make me laugh
11. The stunning views every way you look.
10. The guys at the coffee shop know me by name (what's that you say about coffee addiction?)
9. Being able to have talks about the boss without people immediately jumping on the defense wagon, spouting off about being PC and tolerance
8. When monkeys take your clothes off the line (alright, so that belongs on the hate list)
7. Learning the odd regulations, such as having to sew white cloth around international parcels
6. The shop keepers know what I mean when I ask for stuff like "yellow flour" (translation: cornmeal)
5. A bus ride to just about anywhere costs about a nickel (that's assuming you also love the buses)
4. The locals make a valiant attempt to cater to my "low spice tolerance"; the food goes from chemical burn level to merely lip-numbing
3. Without exception, each movie involves hours of drama, laughter, tears, singing, and best of all, dancing
2. The joy of sharing about the boss to someone who has never heard about him
1. If the shopkeeper has no change, it's not a problem. He just pays me back in gum.


five_solas said...

what a great idea! I'm gonna do this on my journal too! Love you! (this is alison, by the way)

News Sender said...
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News Sender said...

O.K., Here's my list of my favorite things (I feel like David Letterman):
14. Technology, so I can communicate with you!
13. Not having monkeys take my clothes off the line.
12. Not having a line.
11. Not having to wrap packages in white cloth
10. Having the freedoms that I have in this country.
9. The twins
8. Foley's Red Apple Sales
7. My friends
6. Warm soup, sweats, and snuggling with Dad on cold nights.
5. The twins
4. You, James, Andy & Christi
3. The twins
2. Dad
1. Christmas, not commercial Christmas, but that Almighty God loved me enough to send His only begotten Son to save me, the chief of sinners. Awesome.

(You notice who the really important people are: the twins!)
Love you.