birthday coffee

After dinner, husband took me to a coffeeshop for coffee and dessert, and the guys who made the coffee put "HB" in chocolate syrup on the coffee, for "Happy Birthday". This city is so friendly. They also brought me a fork with my chocolate chip muffin. They think Americans eat everything with a fork here, which is really funny. Or a spoon. I'm actually surprised they didn't bring a spoon, because restaurants will give a spoon no matter what we order.

Today is a special holiday for the women in this country. They fast all day for to (not for) their husbands for long lives, and they wear traditional wedding clothes. Then when the moon comes out, they all go out on the street, worship the moon, and then the husbands buy them a gift, and they eat. I've been asked many times if I'm fasting to my husband today, and I have to tell them no because I do not believe my husband is a god, but I will send him money all day for a long life and fruitful life. I read in a new book the boss wrote about how two men, Paul and Tim, were sending money to a small group of people living in colosse for knowledge and understand so they would honor the boss the rest of their days and bear all kinds of fruit. When I read that, the boss told me to send money to my husband for that, so I have been and now I can tell any person who asks me if I'm fasting that this is my money for my husband. It's a good expenditure for any body, married or not. It reminds me of how my "cousin" back home told me she used to send money to her husband before she knew him and I followed her example and can see how that money was used.

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