father's love

This morning in my quiet time I had a real image of the boss, one of the most vivid I've had in a long time. In reading one of his old books about his favorite people and what they had done to him, he said if only they would come back to him, he wouldn't be mad and he'd forgive them. I got this image of a father yearning for his wayward child to just come back home, and I gained a heart knowledge of so many images of the boss in this. It hurts me to think of ever putting him through that kind of pain, of earnestly hoping every minute the child will show up so he can comfort and take away any shame. That is ultimate love.

We found some major chocolate yesterday at the grocery store and were beside ourselves! Snickers, Twix, M&Ms, Chips Ahoy...stuff we hardly ever bought for ourselves back home, but we stocked up on them last night! Husband even found some salsa and that was the first thing he opened when he got home. I'm sure no one is surprised!

I can't believe how cold it's getting so fast here. We already have our heaters on, and we're going to have to get 2 more. This winter ought to be pretty interesting for me, considering I found my hometown's May/June 90 degrees pleasant. But I can't wait to see the snow!

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