where in the world...?

This morning I got to work out! I mean, besides the usual 10-15km walk a day. There's another american woman here who actually has a background in dance as well, and we have agreed to work out every Saturday morning. This morning we did some kind of pilates cardio, and she has a ballet workout that we're going to try out soon!

Yesterday during my language study, I was at the coffee shop, and decided to get some lunch there, and proceeded to have a cringeworthy experience. When I was waiting in line, these two western looking women were next to me, so I smiled and asked them where they were from. One said Canada. The other woman said something like, "Izzy Eye." I looked blank, and she repeated it. "Izzy Eye?" I said. "Yes," they said. "Is that somewhere in Canada?" I asked. At that exact moment those asinine words left my mouth, I realized in her thick accent she was saying Israel. They looked at me gapingly, and I tried to laugh it off. I told them how embarrassed I was. They were okay with it, but when they asked me where I was from, I was so ashamed to claim America at that point. Luckily, I redeemed myself (a tiny bit) when the Canadian (actually Quebecoise) woman and I conversed in French. But I'm sure one of the first things they will do when they get home is tell their friends about the dumb American girl who thought Israel was in Canada. (what could I do: insult her accent by telling her I couldn't understand, or laugh it off and say I misunderstood?)

Yesterday I finally got to scrapbook! Oh it was such a relief to just sit and work on two layouts and watch season 4 of Friends (arguably the best season). And after language study, I found a place that prints out great pictures for cheap, so I'm excited to keep scrapbooking.


RamonaMoma said...

maybe they thought you were blonde instead of redheaded!

News Sender said...

They probably made fun of your French AND the fact that you thought Israel was in Canada! That's my magna cum laude graduate who worked for NASA! You've got to love her.