i'd jump through hoops just to have some meat...

I love Sundays. Day of rest, time of fellowship, usually a restaurant for lunch...ahh. Today on our walk to the office we passed by a Tibetan school. We had heard at our house this loud commotion of people who would cheer and clap, and someone talking over a loud speaker. When we passed by the Tibetan school, we realized where the sound was coming from. They were having some sort of celebration and had even lit a hoop on fire, and boys were jumping through this hoop! It was very strange, and the people walking on the road were all stopped and lined up to watch this event. It was like the Tibetan version of when we'd have big Sundays back home and hire people to come entertain the students. (click the picture to get a bigger version of it)

At the office, there was a group of Americans who will be here for just under 3 weeks. They are from the same state my inlaws are living in right now. One of their men spoke, and it was so refreshing to hear a speech in English! He even reminded us of our shepherd back home - he would say something, and then say, "Turn to your neighbor and say..."

Afterwards, we went to what I guess would be considered fast food. The place even had sausage and mutton burgers! There's no grill in there, though, only microwaves, so it's obvious they just take a frozen burger and nuke it. I was so excited because there was a sausage, onion, and bell pepper pizza on the menu, and I realized that I was obligated to try it out. I owed it to my meat deprived self. Turns out, the sausage was actually sliced vienna sausages! Judge all you want, but after going more than 2 months with no meat other than a little chicken and mutton, those teeny weenys were good. I don't care if they came out of a can.

This fast food place is also one of the only stores I can find frozen meat, and yesterday we picked up some pork and chicken sausages. I have no clue what they'll look like when I open the box, but in my mind are visions of links and links of tasty, juicy meat. Hopefully they will be close enough to hot dogs and we can have some Foster dogs tonight...yum!!

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News Sender said...

There is nothing like a good ole Foster dog. Too bad the rest of the world has no idea what a Foster dog is!