I know I keep blogging about food, but it's because I am just so excited to actually be surviving here on "regular" food. Although I'm not sure how Mexican food is "regular" for an American. Being inspired by our good friends in Africa, we decided to try our luck at tortillas tonight. Fajitas and rice were on the menu, and unless I could get the tortillas, it would just be stir fry chicken and veggies. The tortillas worked, though, and here's the picture. Except for the chunk husband took off to taste, they were even almost in a circle. I hear that's the hardest part. Now with the leftovers, husband is going to try his hand at frying the tortillas tomorrow to make some chips to go with his salsa he's been making.


dadto3 said...

Watch out Guadalajara's!

News Sender said...

How cool is that! You can now be the official tortilla maker when you get home. I can't wait!