I had already typed up a different blog for today, but I'm changing it. Something too exciting happened to us tonight.

We were at the big market, and we went to Sagar's shop to chat with him and his father. The shop closed about 30 minutes after we sat down, so they offered to take us home since they live nearby us. One our way out, a policeman stopped us. On the main market area, cars are not allowed, and only people with certain permits can drive on certain roads. Since they were driving us home, they went a different way than their permit allowed, and they were pulled over. Sagar and his father had to get out of the car, and Sagar told us they would have to pay a fine. I asked how much, and he shrugged and said, "We'll negotiate." (the police here are so corrupt, they take the money and pocket it themselves. It's so weird to hear him say negotiate. I guess it's the equivalent of crying your way out of a speeding ticket) Well as they were stepping out of the car, husband told them, "we'll send money for you right now." So we did, asking that they would not have to pay anything. They came back to the car after about five minutes or so, and Sagar looked at husband strangely and said, "Did you send money?" We nodded, and asked why. He said because the police man let them off free! We were so overjoyed, and Sagar and his father both claimed it was a miracle and that our boss must love us very much, because the police are so corrupt that they would never let anyone off free of charge. We told them our boss loves everyone, and were able to share a little bit more about him. We were so overjoyed we kept pinching each other on the way home with goofy grins. Now this incident will be on the forefront of their minds, and the best part is, they told us their shop is picking up again, which they earlier credited to the holiday season right now. But now that they've seen this, we are sending money in hopes that when the shop prospers they will call to mind what happened tonight and think this boss must really answer, more than theirs.

I hope all that made sense. I'm so excited right now that I'm probably rambling on!

To any of you who sent me money so I would be more motivated to practice language, thanks! The boss revealed to me a better plan, working during my best hours, and I was able to go out today, first to the dry cleaner's mother, and then to the lady who owns a cloth shop. She also has women in her shop, so it's fun to just go and sit in there and chat with them. I haven't met a friend of hers yet who speaks English, so it's an ideal place to practice. I told them the days of the week, and that I would be coming on Monday, and they were so thrilled I said it all in their language! They also correct me if I pronounce something wrong, or have incorrect grammar, which is what I want. Priya is wanting me to teach her a little French, and so I am hoping that I don't have as bad of pronunciation of this language as she does of French. (that hope, I'm sure, is in vain, judging by the laughs we constantly get when trying to speak! :) It really makes a huge difference if I get out and practice what I've learned.

One more thing - unfortunately, my chocolate diversion wasn't so good. The snickers was that whitish, old, crumbly chocolate, the kind that has a bit of bitter taste to it. It is so sad when the package on the outside looks so good, and you open up to a huge disappointment. This has happened so many times, I can't name them. At least the Twix was still good, but that was just pure luck, seeing as the last Twix we bought was old chocolate as well. Oh well...you win some, you lose some.

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