husband will survive

I'm so excited about what happened today, but I'm going to have to wait and put it in our update we're sending out tomorrow. Suspense, I know. I'm a regular Hitchcock.

So just to make everyone feel a little better for my husband, yes, dinner worked out last night. I made an enchilada casserole over rice, and it turned out good, except for the rice. I followed the directions exactly on the rice, but a layer of it burnt to the bottom of the pan. At least most of it was still edible, and the other stuff was good. Although this is coming from someone who enjoys Nutella out of the jar (which I'm actually enjoying as I type), so I don't know if my opinion counts. And I'm learning how to make traditional tea in a saucepan, so things are looking up from the whole raisin bran bread mistake.

I know this is a short blog...the update will be more interesting, I think. At least it will have pictures.

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Mandi said...

hey friend! i LOVE your blog--so many fun stories and such FABULOUSLY creative code...you crack me up. anyway, this should link you to my blog--i gave you the wrong address earlier..oops..alright, talk to you later--you all are in my thoughts :)