curiosity feeds the girl

We're still having heater trouble. We now have 3, and unless we sit directly in front of the heater, we still can't keep ourselves from staying icy. I think we're going to have to go to another town down the mountain because they are literally hundreds and hundreds of USD to get the bigger heaters here. Cars are hardly ever used for deliveries...ever. Even if it's a refrigerator or table and chairs to be delivered. Shops just hire men to strap things on their backs to carry them. So at least if we keep buying little heaters, we won't cause a carrier to have to do what this poor guy is doing.

Fridays are Date Night for us. Yesterday we decided to make it "Date Day" and grab lunch instead, since it's starting to get pretty cold to be walking around at night. In our search to find a new place to eat, we followed signs to some place called the Garden Restaurant. It turned out to be a restaurant in the garden of a hotel that used to be a British Palace. Here are pics of the hotel, the restaurant, the garden (which will be gorgeous in the spring when the flowers are blooming like crazy!), and the delicious chocolate mousse cake I had for dessert. :)

On our way home, the dry cleaning family invited us in for tea again. They are so friendly, and it's fun since they speak no English. They were laughing so hard at us, because in our attempt to break the silence, we would point at objects we knew and say the word. "Floor!" "Wall!" "Chair!" Even the little boy was laughing.

Today I finished wrapping Christmas gifts to send out. Now I just have to find some cardboard boxes to mail them in. In awhile we're going to go p walk around our area and to map some strongholds. We know of at least two that are just down the road: the Tibetan school, and a temple.

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SouthAsiaRocks said...

Wassupp - nice city :) Everything looks so nice :) Cool!! OK, so about my clothes... people told me that I did not dress nice until I started getting everything made by a taylor - it's cheaper most of the time and you get to pick how it looks (and fits) :) it's fun :) I hope things are rocking for you guys :) I want to see some pics of YOU and James on the site :)