earthquake not harmful

The earthquake that hit south asia this morning did not affect us dangerously, just in case anyone had heard about it in the states. Much of south asia felt the tremors, as did we. Actually, I shouldn't say "we". I was out at the time getting vegetables, and when I came home, a woman we know called us from another city and asked if we were okay, and told me about the tremors she had felt. I asked my husband later if he felt anything, and he said he definitely felt them. He said it wasn't as bad as the other earthquake he's been in. Later on that day, we had just finished talking about the aftershocks, and sure enough, the water bottle on the table began shaking, and I could feel the couch shaking. I've never experienced an earthquake or aftershocks of any kind, so it was quite an experience. But needless to say, we are safe, and so is our city.

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