super walmart it's not (and for that, I'm kinda grateful)

I don't know if I've described our "grocery stores" yet, but I'll do it briefly. The only one we have in town is a 45 minute walk away. All the other ones are just one 12x12 room with shelves stocked to the brim with minimal variety. (rice, crackers, cookies, milk, eggs, and tons of ramen noodle type stuff) So this big store, which I love, has three aisles about ten feet long, and even a dairy section (a refrigerator). It's great! It is stocked with typical items, but then also every time I go in, I see something new. My favorite aisle is the international aisle - it lways has random items like Kraft Mac and Cheese, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, or Dole pineapple slices. When these items are actually in the store, they are usually the only item like it, and usually have some other language besides English printed on them. For some reason, there must have been a large shipment of the mac and cheese, because there are about 5 or 10 boxes on the shelf. I have no clue how they get these items, or why they only get one at a time, but I'm grateful nonetheless. Anyway, so today I went in, looking for a chili tomato sauce, and right in front of me, like some cruel joke, was a jar of steak sauce. Seriously! It sat there, mocking me. I think I even heard it say, "Nanny nanny boo boo."

Tonight is my second night of Thanksgiving Planning. I'm making green bean casserole. I'm cheating a bit because I bought one of those arbitrary cans of cream of mushroom, so I didn't have to make it, but I did find a recipe for making the cream of mushroom next time. But the green beans and fried onions are from scratch, so that counts right?

I'm still looking for a good chicken recipe to replace turkey or ham. Ooh, maybe some sort of honey baked chicken. If you have a good recipe, send it to me!


News Sender said...

Girl, you need to stock up on cream of mushroom everytime you see it! You are going to be a gourmet cook by the time you get back.

south asia said...

haha I tried yesterday...but like I said, they only are on the shelves at random times. Maybe Bulgaria or Spain or whoever it was that sent the last one will send another one.

NOSILA611 said...

Umm...I kinda miss Super Walmart. I had a dream one night that my dad was coming to get us to take us to Walmart. Ahh.. But alas, it was a dream! I just keep making desserts! I haven't mastered anything else...but tortillas! Yummy! We may be having Mexican for Thanksgiving! I'm gonna need that green bean casserole recipe, too! That sounds tamu! (delicious)